von Frank Lohmeyer, Dreier & McLovla

Unhappy in your own skin?
Do you want to feel better about yourself?
Have you ever thought about those creases of your eyelid,
those wrinkles above your upper lip, your forehead lines,
that roll of fat above and below your bra strap?
Everything is going south?

It gives me a feeling of safety and freedom to look just good!
You can always be shure about yourself.

Just be yourself - you know you can look better.
Turn your physical phantasies into reality.
Transform the inner YOU.
Just look the way you feel. Reclaim your self-esteem.
Turn back the creeping tide of age.

Everybody is doing it!

Eternal Youth
Staying in the Game
"skin-deep" 2007, Dreier & McLovla in der Galerie Knoth&Krüger, Berlin
Malerei, Installationen, Perfomance, Sound

Eine Ausstellung zum Thema Schönheitsoperationen und -ideale
An exhibition about plastic surgery and beau ideals
" A lovely girl is an accident; a beautiful woman is an achivement. "

Zitat: Lakoff/Scherer, Face value, the politics of beauty
The perfect body symbolizes control. In a culture that values self-control,
hard work, and the delay of gratification, a desirable body signals the
outside world that the individual is in control. It shows control over impulses
to eat and to be inactive, and reflects hard work, ambition, and desire. The
converse, of course, is that people who are overweight or inactive may be
looked upon as indulgent, lazy, and lacking control.

Zitat Brownell, Dieting and the search for the perfect body