Neoerotica boudoir street stories
Curated by Eleni Garoufalia
Organised by the Margaris Foundation

The idea for the neoerotica boudoir street stories exhibition originated in the formation of a new conception of eroticism
in contemporary reality.

The narratives that were given to the artists constitute the curator’s personal exposition to the participants. The goal was on one hand to lead to a “harsher” and more sincere negotiation of the idea of pleasure and on the other, to create art and discourse without ‘surgical gloves’ so that it becomes liberated from guilt towards knowledge and which aims at authentic creativity.

The initial idea to have the exhibition in the Greek province was selected deliberately. The province is a heterotopia of dramatization of the residents’ daily field of action; a practical space of a particular architecture of buildings as well as emotions. The influence the place exerts on our personal stories proves that we reside not only in houses, neighborhoods or cities but mainly inside of us. The exhibition approaches fiction with an autobiographical disposition, overcomes the functional perception of things and moves easily amongst them. The exhibition consists of fragmented visual narrations that are autonomous through their progress, but with no specific beginning, middle or end. It resembles the rhizome that has roots and branches in the underground contemporary culture as well as in the basic principles of the history of art. Consequently, it is alive and in constant progress with a disposition for transmutations through its organic nature or in other words a hybrid kind of appropriation of pleasure. It is mainly an exhibition that is introspective and focuses on itself in order to create a sense of archetypal identification.

Participating artists: Alkis Boutlis / Rania Emmanouilidou / Τheodoros Giannakis / Marianna Ignataki / Petros Moris /
Pavlos Nikolakopoulos & Simona Moundrouvali / Vassiliea Stylianidou & McLovla / Pantelis Xandris / Maria Zervou.

1 st Elementary School of Amfiloxia (Georgiou Stratou St. Amfilochia’s coastal road)
Opening Saturday 19 / 07/ 08 - Duration 19/07/08 – 15/08/08

The exhibition goes to the VISUAL ARTS FESTIVAL ACTION FIELD KODRA08 IN THESSALONIKI on September the 6th